Player Characters

These are the heroes of our tales.

4th Edition Sea of Dust Player Characters (Spire Wolves)
Name Race Class/Level Other Information
Mugee Elf Invoker/7 of Sehanine This bunch may need some light on their path!
Sage Drow Cleric/7 of Bahamut I have been led into the Light from the world of total darkness.
Sviath Drow Sorceror/7 "Everyone has a storm that rages inside them; mine just happens to throw lightning at you!"
Palaetshi Shadar-Kai Avenger/7 of Erathis Feeling betrayed by what she has learned about her goddess, a change was needed.
Croi Dwarf Shaman/7 Brother of the Wolves
Adol the Oathkeeper Dragonborn Paladin/7 of Bahamut "Great Bahamut, Why do you surround me with Drow!!??!!"
Inactive Player Characters
Name Race Class/Level Other Information
4th Edition
Aramil Elf Ranger/7 "You think you're worthy of carrying a bow?!"
Autumn Elf Druid/7 "Stand still dammit!"
Dietrick Frost Shifter Warden/7 Great Defender
Onix Elf Fighter/7
Agis Elf Monk/6
Grarsharin Dragonborn Barbarian/6 "I will crush you!"
Bharanaar Dragonborn Paladin/5 Death Cultist' Bane
Tannnis Half Elf Sorceror/5 Possible future PC
Yulef Eladrin Rogue/5 Drunken Molester
Millinia Human Swordmage/4 Pirate Warlord
Nobody Tiefling Warlock/4 If i'm Nobody who can beat me?
Myrna Human Cleric/4 (of Raven Queen) Crazy old lady with an ever-elusive horse…
Keyleth Human Druid/4 Nature's Guardian. "I walk softly and carry a big f#@*in stick!
Splug Goblin Goblin/4 A goblin found in the torture chamber beneath the Shadowfell Keep, Splug became the party's pack mule in exchange for being taught some minor magics.
Quel'Aramereth Eladrin Wizard/3 Quiet Seeker of Knowledge (Not dead yet)
Merric Halfling Warlock/5
Ievara Eladrin Warlord/5
Ceridwen Tiefling Rogue/4 Newcomer to the ranks.
Caelynna Eladrin Fighter/2 4th Ed. SoD
Iados Tiefling Warlock/2 4th Ed. SoD
Jonanas Human Cleric/2 Ready for duty
3rd Edition Sea of Dust Playtest
Kaithra Human Bard/1, Pirate/2 3.5 Ed. SoD Playtest
Lyradil Elf Wizard/3 3.5 Ed. SoD Playtest
Bin Human Cleric/3 3.5 Ed. SoD Playtest
Surreal Teifling Rogue/3 3.5 Ed. SoD Playtest
Turlough Dwarf Barbarian/1, Fighter/1 3.5 Ed. SoD Playtest
Brok Half Orc Ranger/2 3.5 Ed. SoD Playtest
Horth Human Paladin/2 3.5 Ed. SoD Playtest
3rd Edition From Other Campaigns
Dimble Fonkin Glim Daergel Gnome Ftr/3 3.5 Greyhawk Campaign
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