Creature Campaign Game Log

This is where I'll jot down what has happened in the game recently, if you would wish me to add anything specific. I'd prefer it if you either emailed it to me or talked with me about it after the game.

Session One

The Tribe of the Five Shields was scattered to the winds, something the goblin tribes had not thought possible before the reappearance of the Humans. It's as if these creatures had come right out of the nightmares of the goblins as a whole, to destroy everything they had ever created. Many tribes went into hiding after hearing of how the Five had been defeated so easily, only able to be found by other goblins. Krand, the Chief of the Five has made a point of calling upon the other Tribe Chief's, and there are talks of what to do about this Human incursion.

The group that has gathered close to Narq, Krand's Kobold Underboss, is now calling themselves the Bloodreavers. Speaking to their wish to bring down retribution upon the Humans that have pushed them out of their territory. They have only recently met each other, but each of them has shown their wish to destroy the Humans, and save their tribe quite readily.

Gurashk is a Gnoll, who was once a slave of the Five, however after picking up downed human weapons in the defense of the Chief, he has been set free. Glink is an interesting little goblin, who seems to be able to control the very shadows that surround him. Oshkosh is Narq's rebellious son, and the healer of the group. Grimloch is a rather vicious Bugbear Barbarian who has shown his great strength already.

Their first priority at this point is to find out what happened to Krand's squad. They had been protecting some ruins that the Tribe had planned on using as a fall back point, sending out information about what the humans were up to, but just yesterday their communications were cut off. As the Bloodreavers moved through the forest on their way toward the ruins, they came upon a rather large trail that had been cut through the forest.

The only ones who could have done such a thing were Humans, and it was just then that a group of them was passing. With an amazing scouting job done by Glink, the group was able to sneak up on the Humans pretty well. Even with someone making noise, they were able to get a jump on the group thanks to Kah Plah being in the form of an alligator.

They made quick work of the humans, though many were injured in the fight. Glink was almost knocked unconscious during it all, only barely staying awake after taking two mace shots to the head. Only the Shaman was uninjured, and only cause he fought through his spirit companion instead of running into combat with everyone else. He tried to stay in healing range, but the group was a bit faster into the battle than he was.

Gurashk, Glink, Oshkosh, Grimloch, Kah Plah
Active Quests:
Home Smelly Home, Scout the Ruins
Monsters Fought:
4 Human Archers, 4 Militia, 2 Ruffians, 1 Soldier
The PCs brawl a bit and find clues for their quests.
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