City Name:
Current Apparent Leader:
Faren Markelhay
Primary Alignment:
Military Name:
Fallcrest Guard

Organizations/Guilds of Note:

Septarch's Tower (22):
Arcanist's Guild that once held sway in the region, but has since declined in influence.
House Azaer (11):
Trading company established in Fallcrest that maintains good trade throughout the Vale.

Permanent Population:
Transient Population:
Human - 75%, Halflings & Dwarves make up most of remaining 25%, No Dragonborn or Eladrin are permanent residents

Points of Interest:

Nentir Inn (4) gets "interesting clientele". Silver Unicorn (6) is pricey and offers excellent service.
Blue Moon Alehouse (23), Lucky Gnome Taphouse (28), Nentir Inn taproom.
Temple of Erathis (13); Moonsong Temple (Sehanine) (16); House of the Sun (Pelor) (10)
Halfmoon Trading House (7), House Azaer (11), Fallcrest Stables (17), Naerumar's Imports (19), Teldorthan's Arms (24), Market Green (26), Sandercot Provisioners (27)

NPC's Of Note

Fallcrest Non-Player Characters
Name Location Other Details
Erandil Zemoar Nentir Inn After arriving in Fallcrest a couple years ago, this Half-elf is doing well with his business venture.
Wisara Osterman Silver unicorn Inn This Halfling proprietor is sure that she will eventually close the cheaper inn in town, but has had to lower prices to compete.
Selarund Halfmoon Halfmoon Trading House Familiar sounding name? Familiar business practices.
Grundelmar House of the Sun This Dwarf keeps up the temple devoted to Pelor (Shrines here dedicated to Bahamut and Kord)
Dirina Mornbrow Temple of Erathis Elderly Human woman who is in charge of this temple (Shrines here dedicated to Ioun and Moradin.)
Ressilmae Starlight Moonsong Temple This Elf retired from adventuring some years ago and enjoys his time being quiet. (Shrines here to Corellon, Melora, and Avandra.)
Sergeant Murgeddin Wizard's Gate This tough veteran Dwarf keeps order at the most often used gatehouse in Fallcrest.
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