Here can be found Feats that have been approved for use, but are not found in the Players' Handbook. You may note some changes from the original texts; these changes are to make the feats better suit the campaign as we play it, either for "feel" or game balance.

Table of Feats

Name Brief Source Page
Double Wand Wielder You can activate two wands at the same time. CAr 77
Extra Smiting You can make more smite attacks.
Great Smiting Your smite attacks are much more powerful than normal. DMG 209
Grenadier You are Skilled in Using grenade like weapons. PH2 79
Improved Smiting Your smite attacks deal more damage to specific foes, and can damage creature with alignment-based damage reduction.
Master Wand You can activate a wand without using a charge. CAr 192
Reckless Wand You can increase the effectiveness of spells cast from a wand. CAr 82

Feat Descriptions

Double Wand Wielder [General]

Craft Wand, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus: Wand.
As a full-round action, you can wield a wand in each hand (if you have both hands free), with one wand designated as your primary wand and the other your secondary wand. Each use of the secondary wand expends 2 charges from it instead of 1.

Extra Smiting [General]

The number of times each you may Smite is equal to 1+(CHA Modifier).

Great Smiting [General]

Cha 22, smite ability (from class feature or domain granted power).
Whenever you make a successful smite attack, add twice the appropriate level to damage (rather than just your level).

Grenadier [General]

You an expert with splash weapons and all manner of incendiary mixtures. You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with splash weapons and a +1 bonus on the weapon's damage (including splash damage).
A fighter can select Grenadier as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Improved Smiting [General]

Your Smite attacks use your Alignment when determining DR. (Example: a Paladin's (Lawful Good) Smite Evil would be considered a Lawful attack for determining if it is affecting by a creature's Damage Reduction.)

Master Wand [General]

Craft Wand, Spellcraft 15 ranks, Weapon Focus: Wand.
When you activate a wand, you can substitute a spell slot instead of using a charge. The spell slot must be one you have not used for the day, though you may lose a prepared spell to emulate a wand charge (you may not lose prepared spells from your school of specialty, if any). The spell slot lost must be equal to or higher in level than the spell stored in the wand, including any level-increasing metamagic enhancements.

Reckless Wand [General]

Use Magic Device 8 ranks, Craft Wand, any Metamagic Feat.
By expending an additional charge, you can use a wand as if its caster level was 2 higher than its normal level, changing all the spell's level-dependent effects. For example, by expending 2 charges at once, a wand of magic missile (created at caster level 3rd) can be used at caster level 5th, firing three missiles instead of two. You can expend only 1 extra charge at a time using this feat.
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