Here are descriptions of Festival Events.


Starday - Opening Ceremonies:
Opening Day parade; Vendors open for business.
Sunday - Auction Day 1:
Militia Drill and Ceremony Exposition; Auctions of the spring livestock and seeds.
Moonday - Contest Day 1:
Contests of archery, axe throwing, cart races (typical prizes worth 50 - 500gp); Performances from visiting bards, mages, or other performers.
Godsday - Consecration Day:
Crop blessings cast; Groundbreaking ceremonies for public buildings; Official announcements.
Waterday - Contest Day 2:
Grand melee (typical prizes worth 250 - 2500gp); Joust (typical prizes worth 1000 - 5000gp or Special); More performances.
Earthday - Auction Day 2:
Land auctions.
Freeday - Closing Cermonies:
Final performances; Final announcements; Big sales; Tear down & departure.
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