His tribe attacked by a warring band of orcs, Gurashk found himself alone in the world and set himself to travelling around trying to find his place. Having to fend for himself against wolves and other predators, the gnoll switched from a single weapon and developed a fighting style using both hands with a mismatched pair of short swords. He was eventually captured when he was caught stealing from a goblin tribe and was kept for over a year as a slave. Last week, when the goblin tribe was decimated by attackers, Gurashk found himself free and defending Krand, the hobgobin chief of the goblin tribe. Still using mismatched weapons, Gurashk fended off Krand's enemies. Grateful, Krand sent the gnoll on an important mission: to find the underboss of a nearby kobold clan, Narq, and remove him from the threat of oncoming battle.


Quick tempered, Hates Orcs

Stat Block

Gurashk: Level 2 Gnoll Fighter; STR: 16, CON: 15, DEX: 16, INT: 12, WIS: 11, CHA: 10; Speed: 6, Initiative: +4; Defenses: AC: 18, Fort: 16, Ref: 15, Will: 11; Max HP: 36; Race Features: Ferocious Charge, Blood Fury, Pack Attack; Class Features: Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Tempest Technique; POWERS: At Will: Dual Strike, Footwork Lure, Encounter: Ferocious Charge, Distracting Spate, Daily: Tempest Dance, Utility: Who's Next?

Gurashk's Journal:

Session 1: Come together, right now, under Hobgoblins?!
Travelling with Narq, underboss of the kobold tribe, I was led to a gathering point for misplaced members of the Goblin tribe ruled by Krand, the Tribe of Five Shields. Here, we are told about the primary camp farther north, and we have been tasked with finding out what happened to Krand's elite stealth squad that was supposed to be sending out information from there. After a night's rest, we are heading out. I meet up with others who are to be travelling with me to discover the whereabouts of the squad.

We name our band the Bloodreavers before setting out, as we expect to force rivers of blood from any who stand in our way.

Gurashk: Gnoll, Tempest fighter.
Oshkosh: Kobold, son of Narq.
Glink: Goblin with short sword and shield / looks like a tiny orange fighter.
Kah Plah: Hobgoblin with a totem and hide armor.
Grimloch: Bugbear barbarian

While travelling west through the woods, we see a group of humans walking on a new path that must have been recently cut through the woods. Wearing armor and brandishing weapons, they must be up to no good. Glink reports their numbers and we prepare for the attack. Attempting stealthy approach, we made a bit of noise and the humans became cautious. Grimloch stormed forward and pressed the attack, with me following quickly behind. A few of the humans went down quickly, but others were persistant on remaining on their feet. After a short chase, we eventually brought the last human down.

Session 2: And there were more than this many…
Following the path northward, we come across a large number of humans pulling carts toward the primary meeting place. Many of the humans are armed, but they appear to be a supply convoy for other humans farther north. Not wanting to let the supplies get through, and with the chance of stealing them for our side, we decide to attack.

As the unsuspecting humans passed between rocky outcroppings that we hid behind, Kah Plah makes the ground around many of the vile creatures twist and writhe with vines, keeping them from escaping or clearing a path for those in the rear. Grimloch charges in, attacking the human leading the convoy, killing it with a flurry of broadsword attacks. Surrounded by humans, Grimloch is wounded, but still in the fight. Oshkosh summons a ghostly plant beast into the midst of the humans and it begins to wreck havoc, as well as giving the barbarian a needed boost. Glink shrouds himself from one of the human creatures and sneaks in for the kill. I rush and fell two of the humans with a flourish of spinning swords. Kah Plah magically compels a human to get stuck in the writhing vines, and then summons a Fire Hawk to attack a human, but the bird was off target. Grimloch attacks again, felling two more humans. The humans try to counter our fierce onslaught, but are unable to find purchase with their blades. We continue to bite our blades and spells into the humans, slicing them down into bloody piles until they all lay dead in the path they carved through our woods. Not one of them escaped our wrath.

The carts contain food, weapons, and other items that appear to be seige supplies. (I grab a crossbow and 20 bolts to add a ranged attack to my arsenal from the bodies). It would seem these humans plan on being near our meeting place for some time, and this does not bode for our elite stealth squad that has gone missing. Once we get the wagons overturned to block the path, we should hurry to the site.

Once we arrive at the location of the ruins that serve as the Primary Meeting point, we find that it's a large fortress with a small gate house separate from the main building. The gate house is overrun with humans staging for an attack on the fortress. Oshkosh, remembering a back entrance into the main fortress, leads the way around the humans and into the old fortress.

We sneak, climb, and sprint our way up to the hidden entrance, distracting guards along the way. Once inside, we meet up with the Stealth Squad, who is alive and currently in charge of the fortress. I explain that Krand has sent us, and that we can help hold the fortress, and even help with wounded or sick defenders. We break items into sharp shards that will cause stumble blocks, send messages to Krand, and get caltrops and decoys spread out through the primary path to the fortress gates. We are ready for the greedy humans; there are five fives guarding the gates.

Grimloch and I assist the gate guards, while Glink assists with tactical command, Kah Plah assists with ranged defense, and Oshkosh leads a group in charge of getting bandages and other supplies ready at a moment's notice. Glink and Oshkosh call out directions and ranges. Kah Plah orders the fire of balista, bolts, and arrows. Those that reach the gate, once they finally got through, were met by myself and Grimloch who plowed into the human ranks with our defenders. Once defending against the initial onslaught, we took up weapons against any who made it into the fortress in ways we hadn't thought about them approaching from. At last, the humans' commanders make their way to the line. We draw weapons and meet them head on. After a vicious battle, we took them down, though I was seriously wounded and was unable to help my companions finish the fight.

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