Iados, "Hellboy", "Book"

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Iados is the son of a human woman, Eliza, and a Tiefling named Torment. He never learned much about his father other than his name, and that he was killed on an adventure before he was born. It was never fully revealed as to whose "Torment" he was named for, his own, or someone elses. Growing up in a human neighborhood in the town of Nenlast, he was endlessly taunted, belittled and generally tormented by the other children. The reactions of new kids was always the same, they either joined the mob in making his life hell; or screamed, ran and more often than not, threw stones at him. It is here that he was given a cruel nickname by the children, "Hellboy." The name, to this day, fills Iados with rage. As such he learned to hide, to sneak go unnoticed… and is while doing this that he met an Eladrin rogue. Aramis, who further schooled him in general thievery. Iados, however did not have patience for such things.
When he grew old enough, his mother, having saved a bit of gold, enrolled him in a nearby Magi-School. There he learned a thirst for knowledge, picked up the worship of Ioun and met Mika. Having never had a true friend other than Aramis, and never having one his own age, he took to Mika readily. Their paths where ever different, Mika studying to become a Wizard, Iados, never having much in the way of patience for… anything really, began studying darker arts. They were fueled by his inner rage, and this is how he became a Warlock. Nonetheless, they became fast friends, and Iados was given a new nickname…"Book" because he always seemed to have is nose in one. When he was 17, his friendship with the human woman, Mika changed… he began looking at her in a different light… in time things changed drastically. But only for him. He was never able to tell Mika how he felt. "How could she possibly feel the same? "Look at me!" He thought.
At 18, on a free day and to relieve pent up…ehem…emotions, he went into town. He found a "woman of ill-repute" there by the name of Keira, who looked amazingly like Mika. On the same day, he went to a weaponsmith and picked up a sickle. Beautifully made, curving in just the right places, he named it Keira. Four and a half more years passed. And one day, Mika was nowhere to be found. The students, the teachers, no one could locate her. There was no note…most of her belongings where still in her dorm. One day a few months later, Iados was wandering through the library when a book caught his eye. "Arcane Arts of Bael Turath." He pulled the book from the shelf and a slip of parchment fell from its pages. Picking it up he was shocked to see notes quickly scrawled there in Mika's hand.
It mentioned the ruins to the north, and what other tomes of lost knowledge may be found there. More books like this one. His path became clear. He made his way back home to Nenlast, met up with his mother, said his goodbyes and left her a few gold and literally bumped into a running Aramis. Due to some…"legal issues" they went out west with the ultimate intention of heading north over the Opferberg's.

There are those that call him "The Horny Bastard" in jest.
It's a title he well deserves, He is a bastard-child whom happens to have horns…not to mention certain…appetites, which must be sated.

As the Tiefling and Eladrin travel, he lies awake some nights, staring at the stars.
Praying that the woman he has loved for years, is still alive, and staring at the very same stars.
On the starlit strolls he takes when unease or wakefullness demand it, his mind wanders…
It wanders to futures that he knows can never be…

For he is a beast…a mongrel…a "Horny Bastard"…
"She deserves more…deserves better…I *know* I can only ever be her friend…But…what if…?"

Battle…the shock of a blast from his beloved Gakht!, the Rod he has forged as the Implement…the symbol of his Pact with the very stars…
It makes him feel alive, even when few other things truly can…
To watch as enemies fall before his might from a dozen paces…something inside him…something in his blood awakens and delights in the deaths…
It frightens him at times…The thought that he enjoys killing his enemies…
"I am a good person…why does it make me feel this way!?"

Perhaps his Father's name, truly was an indication of what he enjoyed most…Tormenting others…

Does something like that pass on to offspring? Do the sins of the father become the sins of the son?

Only time will tell…

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