Kah Plah

Captain's log Stardate 40218.5

We've beamed down to the surface of a particularly odd class M planet where we plan to study anomalous energy fluctionations. Science office Pin-Yah has begun tricorder analysis to find one such anomaly while Dr Mek-Hai obtains plant and soil samples for further analysis by ship computers.

Captain's log Stardate 40218.6

Pin-Yah believes he has located one anomaly approximately 6 kilometers to the south of our current location. We will camp for the night and set out in the morning after Dr Mek-Hai has beamed the remaining samples back to the ship.

Captain's log Stardate 40219.3

I awoke to the perimeter alarm to find that someone or thing had taken our supply chest. Oddly, the computer is unable to locate it's location. I have requested a new chest to be beamed down and a full diagnostic report upon my return. Additionally, security officers Teh-Key and Treh-Kie have joined our away party to avoid another such incident.

Captain's log Stardate 40219.4

Approximately two and a half kilometers into our journey, security officer Teh-Key claimed that he saw what appeared to be, in his words, a "red dragon". Tricorder readings indicate no known mammalian or reptilian life forms in the area. Dr Mek-Hai reports that security officer Teh-Key is apparently in good health and has no reason to be relieved of duty.

Captain's log Stardate 40219.6

After arriving at the location science officer Pin-Yah expected to find our phenomenon, new readings indicated it had moved approximately a quarter mile to the east. We arrived at the new location about half an hour ago and officer Pin-Yah has been working to pin-point the exact location of the anomaly.

Captain's log Stardate 40219.7

We lost contact with officer Pin-Yah after…

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