Kaithra Rakier

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Other Notes:
Kaithra Rakier is one of the Rhennee. Amazingly enough, however, is the fact that he doesn't know too much about the world, having recently come to Oerth from Rhop. When you look at Kaithra you see a man standing at about 5'6" with long brown hair and piercing green eyes. Those eyes seemed to woo almost any woman he looks upon. With leather clothing pulled about his body he doesn't look as if he is armored and yet his jacket offers quite a bit of protection. With a Cutlass and a throwing axe on his left hip, along with a light crossbow strapped across his back, Kaithra appears quite armored enough to make most think twice about fighting with him. This young man is definitely a Bard, with a personable personality, and with a body most women just drool over, he is quite an interesting character. With all of these things gearing him toward being among ordinary people, he was usually the precursor to a pirate strike in a city or town. Having been in a couple of naval engagements himself, he definitely knows how to be a sailor, but now being forced to become a landlubber for his people he will rise to the challenge.

Kaithra grew up on Rhop, the home world of the Rhennee, the Rhennee had at one point been the ruler of the oceans of this world, the continent ruled over by other races which lived together in semi-harmony. Kaithra is the decendant of the Rhennee that were left on this world of Rhop. To get an idea of the life this young lad lived there you would probably have to ask of the stories of his past, that which few can get from him, other than this there is no real written record of anything of the world after the first Rhenne came to Oerth.
The only one that really knows anything as to who Kaithra really is, is the Teifling which follows him, she has seen the way the rest of the Rhennee look up to him even if he is younger. At this point in time he's still trying to find his way, having grown up on Rhop as somewhat of a Mercenary he from time to time will show these tendancies, and yet he is a pirate at heart wanting all the power and connections that he can muster to his side. Surreal is the only one of the party that has ever really been around Kaithra for long, him having caught her upon what he calls 'his' ship.

A Look into a Pirate's Mind:
Kaithra has always been the strapping young lad that all the women have just seemed to be giddy around. The lad has always had a way with the ladies, being very confident in himself and yet sensitive as well of their needs and even just their wants. He however wanted something that appearantly was out of his grasp, the head Sorceress of their people the Rhennee who had come from Rhop. She was the only woman that didn't seem to be that interested in him at all, then again that might have been because of her major dedication to the Rhennee as a people.
She was beautifull, nicely tanned skin and amazingly exotic although that was what made her different. With her jade green eyes, that silky brownish skin, and her wavy black hair she definately looked a little different than the rest of her people. Probably one of the reasons she seemed to always be promoting herself for the Rhennee people, she didn't wish to be left out. Kaithra had always been different as the heir to the only Prince of the Rhennee left on Rhop, so he knew how she felt and yet he couldn't get her attention worth anything. In her eyes he still acted like a child that didn't know what was good for the Rhennee people, and in the long run the reason why Kaithra left the water to find himself a way he could help the Rhennee.
Meeting the Rhennee in Hedler's Gap showed him the way he could do such, trying to reunite the Rhennee of this world and his own people. Bringing a separated people back together had to be noteworthy in her eyes, but also it made him feel pride in the way the Rhennee had thrived so well in this world. They seemed to have such a lively and happy life here in what seemed like a new world to him, but the Rhennee had been here for a long long time. It surprised him at how much and yet how little his people had changed from the divide, pride would swell in his heart as tears came to his eyes before he rejoined the party in the inn. He now had a home in this world where Rhop had left him empty.
As he drifted off to sleep that night he dreamed of what the Rhennee would become in the years ahead when they had been reunited once again fully. He dreamed of ships galore under the rule of the Rhennee contending with Nippon in their control of the seas, with their major flag ships under Kaithra and the rest of the Rhennee Prince's control, then the tons of little barges that littered the rivers of the world all connected in the way of the Rhennee.. Kaithra waved as he came out of the Captain's cabin wearing nothing save a loose pair of lamb skin pants with his cutlass and his woman at his left side. The exotic looking woman wore very little, but actually looked more like a dancer really with bells on her ankles. The Prince that Kaithra had waved at on the flagship taking off in the opposite direction as his own flagship.
The dream skips forward a little bit to Kaithra giving his woman a slap on the rump as she runs after a little girl that definately reminds the now not so young lad so much of himself at that age. Kaithra would grab a rope that came down right above the Captain's cabin and then hit the spoke that kept it tethered there, the rope would fling him through the air and he would land right in front of the child right as the child would come barreling into him surprised by the older man's quick movement, spinning the child around a bit he'd laugh and put her down on her feet after the kid got finished screaming. Kaithra's woman would walk up after all this had happened with a huge smile across her features and wrap the man in a warm embrace, kissing her forehead he'd pat the kid on the head with his other hand with a large smile, he was truely happy.

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