Emerald green eyes stare out from behind long scarlet red hair, this human girl comes to stand at about half a foot over five feet. She was a pretty girl in brown leather armor strapped about her form making her look as if she really didn't have many curves, however when she would walk around town in a similar outfit as Millinia, skirt with pants on under it and a loose shirt above that, one could most certainly see the truth.

Millinia and Kayleth had been inseparable as youth would have it, not very different in age and being from very close families they had been good friends. Getting in trouble was a childs pastime, but they were definitely their father's daughters getting in trouble here and there with all different kinds of things. Milli had always been into conning people in ports to games of strategy which she excelled in enough to make it look like she'd won on accident, she was good enough to even 'lose' sometimes.
Kayleth had always been right at Milli's side helping in those schemes of hers, but when she heard the calling of the winds her life changed quite a bit. Her father knew the call of a deity was strong so he let her go off to where ever the winds were calling her. This was about the time that Milli had started her Warlord training so the two girls were finally separated by their callings in life.
Kayleth followed the winds across the realm to a little grove out in the middle of no where, there stood a wolf in the clearing which she approached cautiously. Without moving its mouth the creature began to speak to her, telling her of all the wonderful things she would come to learn under his tutelage, explaining everything about what she was to become.
Years passed as the girls grew up and trained in their respective callings, waiting for the day when they would again be able to see each other. No matter how far apart they were, friendship doesn't corrode with time. When they were finally together again it was a happy occasion, in a time where everyone was already happy due to the actions of the Defenders of the Vale. It was going to be fun being back together again, both of them could just feel it.

In the darkness of the ruins, she grows more and more wary, more uncomfortable.

Each undead that falls under her club brings a brief respite from the feelings of dread which ever linger in her mind.
There is a great, unholy, unnatural darkness in this place…and all of her senses as a Druid tell her to beware…
Whispers of a nameless evil haunt her dreams…
She fears the completion of this adventure, yet will fight whatever may come her way, till the last breath…

This news from Aramis of her father and a few of his old friends wreaking havoc nearby was cause for some alarm.
She wore a dour face, but inside she worried for the well-being of her aging father, Bin.
Like any good child would when hearing that her father may have been involved in the destruction of a house of worship and the local guardhouse…

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