Kharnes Hands

Kharne's Hands

A group of local "kids" who grew up together eventually formed an adventuring group, with some help from the local Lords. Though a bit overzealous and easily rattled at first, Kharne's Hands have grown into a well disciplined force that is gaining prestige in more places than just home.

Kharne's Hands
Name Race Class Other Details
Ellothwynn Wood Elf Bard/Rogue Plays music at the Inn in her off time.
Farron Suel Human Fighter Spends his off time as Captain of the Watch.
Jeryllen Half Elf Wizard Spends her off time as the librarian.
Thalion Suel Human Cleric He is the Prior at Phyton's temple in his off time.
Kharne Valinor V Suel Human Ranger He isn't seen with the others very often, but is typically with them when they're away from home.
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