Kharnes Inn
City Name:
Kharne's Inn
Kingdom Name:
Duchy of Urnst
Founding Date:
485 CY
Current Apparent Leader:
The Lord Mayor's Council
Current Actual Leader:
Lord Mayor Kharne Valinor IV (Lord Kharne does take his Council's advice very seriously, but it is his word alone that becomes law.)
Primary Alignment:
Military Name:
The Watch

Organizations/Guilds of Note:

The Guild of Mages
Though this organization currently boasts only three members, it is hoped that as the town grows, so will the ranks of the guild.
The Brothers of the Forge
All members of the Broken Horn Clan in the Cairn Hills, this group of dwarves keeps the weapon forges burning night and day. They came to Kharne's Inn about 25 years ago when their clan's mines were overrun with orcs. The mines have since been taken back by the clan, but some of the dwarves stayed to help the humans with their troubles.

Permanent Population:
Transient Population:
Mixed (75% Human, 15% Elf or Half-Elf, 10% Dwarf, 10% Gnome, Halfling, or Other)
Major Industries:




Smelted Metals
Sterling Duke (platinum piece), Gold Duke (gold piece), Shield (silver piece), and Common (copper piece)
Other Currency Types:
Kharne's Inn has a trade treaty with Pontyrel and Kelefane to the west. Food and quality weapons are sent westward to the front, while Pontyrel's mines keep the forges supplied with metal.
The militia is occasionally mustered to help the town of Kelefane to hold back the forces of Rary from the Bright Desert.

Points of Interest:

Kharne's Inn
This is the first building erected in the area some 100+ years ago. Originally run by the noble who was granted these lands, it is now kept by family members who have less time consuming things to do than keep up with politics.
Brightblade Keep
Built just over 50 years ago, this is the home of the current noble in charge of the landhold, Lord Mayor Kharne Valinor IV.
The Spire
A tall and elegant tower rising over the roofs of every building in the town is the home to the local wizards guild.

Entry Taxes:
View of Adventurers:

NPC's Of Note

Name Occupation Other Details
The Council
Kharne Valinor IV Lord Mayor of Kharne's Inn (Human Male) A former adventurer turned aristocrat, Kharne is well liked by the people who live here.
Larissa Valinor Mayor Lady of Kharne's Inn (Half Elf Female) Formerly an adventurer in Kharne's party and storyteller of no small renown, Larissa married Kharne after retiring from life on the road. She typically serves as an ambassador.
Resbin Advisor (Elf Male) This former Druidic Council member is now the Cultural and Ecological Advisor for Kharne's Inn.
Farron Captain of the Watch (Human Male) Though currently a member of Kharne's Hands, Farron also sits on the Council as the Military and Law Enforcement Advisor.
Sanwel Advisor (Human Male) This Aristocrat serves the Council as the Economic and Trade Advisor.
The Guild of Mages
Radigast Wizard (Human Male) Chairman of the Mage Guild.
Jeryllen Wizard (Half Elf Female) Member of Kharne's Hands and Keeper of the Records (Librarian)
Callysidran Wizard (Elf Male) Teacher in the local schoolhouse and member in good standing.
Shops and Services
Berryn Innkeeper (Human Male) Owns and operates the Inn with the help of his wife, Prissyla (Human Female), and a local youth, Thomblan (Human Male).
Udo Shopkeeper (Human Male) Owns and operates the general store.
Lassiter Shopkeeper (Human Male) Owns and the operates the money exchange.
Nimmo Craftsman (Halfling Male) The local silversmith
Kestrel Craftsman (Human Male) The local alchemist
Tillit Shopkeeper (Human Male) Owner and operator of Tillit's Tavern.
Ellis Shopkeeper (Human Male) Owner and operator of the Roc's Roost Tavern.
Skaldor Craftsman (Dwarf Male) Head of the Brothers of the Forge, Skaldor is the expert smith.
The Clergy
Thalion Cleric (Human Male) Member of Kharne's Hands and Prior at the Temple of Phyton.
Ismera Cleric (Half Elf Female) Acolyte at the Temple of Phyton.
Jeklia Druid (Elf Female) Priestess of Ehlonna's Shrine.
Other NPC's of Note
Kharne's Hands Various A local adventuring group who have made a good name for themselves in the town.
Dale Sergeant of the Watch (Human Male) Farron promoted Dale to the position of Sergeant of the Watch after several successful raids into the Bright Desert. Dale is the militia commander in Farron's absence. He leads a regiment of twenty men, most of whom have seen combat.
Terryl Sergeant of the Guard (Half Elf Male) Terryl is the local Constable. He has four deputies, and they only have issues keeping order during festivals when lots of visitors are stirring things up. Farron is his point of contact with the Council.
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