World of Greyhawk Locations


Duchy of Urnst


The campaign began in the southern reaches of the Duchy of Urnst.

Regions in the Duchy of Urnst:

A line of rugged hills that separates the Duchy from the Bright Lands of Rary the Traitor. This region is home to many tribes of humanoids and goblinoids, and is dotted with ruins.
Cairn Hills:
A range of hills that separates the Duchy from the Domain of Greyhawk.
Celedon Forest
A large forest located in the far southeast of the Duchy.
Southern Tor Lands
A large plain with scattered cairns built before the migration of humans from the west. Known for violent and sudden storms, Stormpeace is often granted to those seeking shelter.
Kharne's Inn
A hamlet ceded to the Valinor family some 100+ years ago. This small town is growing quickly at present, mostly due to the location and economy.
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