Millinia Rakier


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Other Notes:
Millinia Rakier like her father before her is one of the Rhennee, however unlike her father she was born on the world of Oerth. Again unlike her father she grew up in a time that was peacefull and a golden time for the likes of the Rhennee. She wasn't a very big girl at all, but definately looked quite a bit like her mother. Unique and exotic looking the girl didn't really like to dress like her mother however, Milli really prefered leathers when she was on the battlefield due to her usual up close and personal fighting style. She had a thing for the black lambskin pants that her father seemed to like as well, she however had a little tighter pair than her father. With some wrapping holding down her considerable assets she would wear a loose shirt over this to kind of hide the fact that she might be just a little larger in the chest area. Over that shirt however she had pulled about her a leather vest, this vest looked as if it had been through some rough treatment and had been fixed up quite a bit.

Having grown up on a boat of somekind like any Rhennee, Milli was most at home on the water with the rocking of the wood beneith her. She had been a thick headed little child always thinking she could out think just about anyone, her father was always at least one step ahead however and it made her angry with him. He always seemed to know exactly what she was up to, even when she was getting into her adulthood she'd been flirting with this elven man that had quite a few years on her and was quite the ladies man. Kaithra knew the man quite well as he'd gone lady hunting with the man in his youth, he got the man to try and scare men out of her as he was actually scared she might actually fall for one of them and get hurt.
Oh Kaithra definately scared men out of Milli, she was never seen again flirting with any men actually seeming to be fairly disgusted with their ways. This was around the time that she started becoming quite a bit more boyish than she ever had been, the feminine side of her seemed to have been scared out of her along with men. Kaithra was definately a little disapointed in the way he'd gotten his goal acomplished, however he'd gotten it done so he couldn't complain too much could he?

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