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The Blood Reavers
Name Race Class/Level Other Information
Oshkosh Kobold Shaman / 2
Glink Goblin Assassin / 2
Kah Plah Hobgoblin Druid / 2
Grimloch Bugbear Barbarian / 2
Gurashk Gnoll Fighter / 2 My freedom will cost the Orcs their lives!

Other than the history of your tribe, there is little about the past that really bothers any of you much. However, there is one thing that is at least known by all. At one time, different races use to control the world. The evidence is in ruins scattered in all lands, castles, keeps, mines, amazingly large trees that had to have supported life at some point. The knowledge of what happened to these races isn't know by your tribe, or for that matter any other tribe you've encountered, it's as if they just disapeared.

Most goblins didn't even think twice about what happened to the races. Using their buildings until they proved they couldn't wear the test of time if not upkept by someone who understands the construction. That is, until they started to pop up again in random spots here and there. First it just seemed a few would trickle in, and then more would come before long. They were scouting out the area it seemed, apparently they wanted to spread out again through the world.

Tiny villages seemed to crop up along the road ways, where people felt they didn't wish to go on traveling anymore. Militias were formed, many of them training to fight if the occasion arose that they'd need to be able to. These humans as they called themselves, brought many strange things and customs with them. At first the goblins weren't quite sure what to do with them, staying away and hiding in the wilderness, but curiosity killed the goblin.

A couple hobgoblins went to one of their villages, with a goblin that had been studying their words. They wanted to see what these things were about, and if they could be peaceful with them. They were attacked and ran out of the village, the humans had picked up odd pointy objects and fire running them out of town. The weird pointy objects had four metal prongs on the end of a long stick, they didn't quite look like weapons, but the goblins couldn't figure out what they were used for so ran just in case.

It wasn't long after this that the humans started attacking goblin tribes. It wasn't so surprising, the tribes had been in and out of war since they could remember. Though they weren't ready for was the absolute carnage and bloodshed. The humans didn't just want to strike fear into the goblins, or forcefully absorb the tribe, or even just take their territory. They destroyed every goblin they could find, even children weren't spared.

They fought more like the hobgoblins, yet they seemed to have more numbers. Somehow tons of humans had come out of no where, and were pushing the goblin tribes that had called the area their home, to run and hide where ever they could find. The goblin tribes had never fought anything like this. Your tribe was one of the larger ones, and it was one of the first to be hit like this, scattered into the winds, everything they'd made of themselves trashed by some race that wanted golbins all dead.

Now, it is up to just the few of you, to try to find a new home, and see if you can't get enough force back to end these humans. One of the people with you is Narq, the Tribe's underboss. He might be a kobold, but Krand has known his patron for a long while, and they trust each other. He says that Krand is still alive, and that he is trying to speak to the other goblins tribes about this mess that we are all in. However, in his stead Narq will be running things. Krand has ordered for them to find a good hidden home, so that they might start to rebuild themselves.

The proof that Narq has given us that Krand is solid. The gnoll slave had fought to protect Krand in a desperate situation, that Narq hadn't been there for. In the moment that the gnoll slave had fought to protect the Cheif, he released him from his slavery. He tasked the gnoll with the job of contacting as many of their tribe as possible, to scatter until Krand's banner came again to rally them.

Many goblins were lost in the battle, but many had escaped as well. Fleeing deeper into the wilderness, getting by however they could. Some of the smaller goblin tribes picked up and ran after hearing of all of this. Now what had seemed like enough space to hold all of the goblins semi-peacefully for years, was being swallowed up by the hollow humans.

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