News Alerts

Here is where you shall find (or may add) such things as changes to the game schedule or other significant tidbits.

March 13, 2009:
New character creation rules have become neccessary, and have been modified on House Rules page.
Just a Note:
On March 15th, 2009, this game group will have been meeting and playing in the Sea of Dust region for one year! Happy Anniversary to Us!
November 1, 2008:
Game Night Change! Game night will be moved to Saturday nights again, and will continue to be played at Casa de' Josh. Maybe we can knock out more than one encounter per session now! WooHoo!
November 1, 2008:
Rick's Birthday!
October 29, 2008:
Adam's Birthday!
October 23, 2008:
Ryan's Birthday!
October 4, 2008:
The location of the game gathering is changing. Josh will now be hosting the game at the lovely Casa de' Josh. Feel free to contact Josh about directions, or we can play follow the leader from Harte-Hanks this coming Friday.
September 25, 2008:
The map of Nentir Vale has been added to the locations page, and the village of Winterhaven has had a page put together for it. I'll keep working on things to try to get caught up on the SoD locales.
September 10, 2008:
The map has finally been updated to show the location we are currently adventuring in. Sorry it took so long to get this done! You can also get the playtest classes on the rules additions page.
July 5, 2008:
Nathan's Birthday!
July 4, 2008:
There is likely to be no game held this day, since many of us will be celebrating the birth of our nation, and the rest will be drunken louts for their own reasons.
June 20, 2008:
Just a reminder to everyone, the game time and place has changed. Nathan's place at 8:00pm on Friday nights is when we gather.
June 13, 2008:
The 4th Edition Sea of Dust campaign begins!
May 17, 2008:
The game will be postponed this weekend to give Rave time with his Mommy.
April 5, 2008:
There will be no game session held this weekend, as it the Anniversary of Rave and his lovely, as well as the Senior prom of Cat and her almost-lovely (just kidding Nate, we all know you're almost as sexy as me!). Congrats Cat! Enjoy the ball!
March 22, 2008:
There will be no game session held this weekend, as it the Easter holiday (for those getting ready for Rabbit Day) and Rave will be in Louisiana for a famiy reunion (for those to whom Rabbit Day is not so important).
March 8, 2008:
The Sea of Dust campaign will begin with Character Creation and Game Start night. It is currently scheduled for 6pm at Battleforge (located on Anderson Lane). Hope to see y'all there!
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