Name, Affiliation, etc:
Palaetshi (pronounced: Pah-lah-et-shee; "Sword-Dancer")
Warrior of Tribe Suul, Paladin of "She-whom-shall-not-be-named".

She stands at Five feet and nine inches in height.
Black hair held loosely back by thorns of a Shadowfell tree, she sports intricate facial tattoos, her eyes are cunning,almost "mischievous" and pure, inky, black. She wears a pair of scimitars across her back, a longbow and quiver held as part of a small pack on her back, there are twin sickle-like daggers at her hips. As typical of her race, when speaking Common, there is a thick accent which trills R's as they are trilled in her native tongue. A charcoal gray disk hangs at her neck by a slender black cord, on the disk is an stylized image of a deep black and purple flame.
Her armor is tight fitting on top and bottom, but an odd, open slit-fronted skirt hangs to just above her ankles.

While studying in The Grand Temple of her deity, she overheard two Clerics speaking of corpses of a tribe-hold on the other side of a Rift being raised and turned against their families…This is blatent blasphemy!!
So it says in Kashla-Mordha the code of the Blessed People of the Shadow! As she was but a lowely Warrior, she dared not report this to anyone, but decided to investigate this on her own, as she was led to believe that members of the Temple were condoning and encouraging these actions!
She then stepped to the portal…and was greeted by the charnal smell of blood sacrifice and the sight of a group of injured and exhausted individuals…Directly across from her stood a statue of the fiend, Orcus…She had reached her destination…And there were…Humans…a Suhal of all things, two bizaare individuals with pointed ears…And an accursed DRAGONBORN here! A hand went to one of her twin scimitars as she raised an eyebrow and asked her first question in the strange tongue refered to as "Common" (the first time she had used the tongue in many years.) "Who is in command here?"
She has found respect for the Prime of this small and rag-tag tribe of warriors, "Milli" they call her.
Anyone whom can kill a Brethren of the Order of the Ebon Flame, is worthy of such, it is only fitting, that Milli keeps what she killed, It is the Shadar-Kai way…
Still she wields the Forbiddon Knowledge. The knowledge which nearly destroyed the world…she must never be fully trusted…
It would appear that her initial mistrust of the Dragonborn was ill-placed.
True, he is not "Teghli", but neither are these others…
The dragonborn is a powerful ally, nonbeliever that he may be, he fights with a divine fiercness that Palaetshi cannot help but admire and respect.
She's not been in this realm long, but has come to a conclusion: These humans are weak. The average peasant rarely even carries a simple dagger, none could likely defend themselves against attack~
As such, where normally she would leave her weapons at her side on the bed, she takes to her wilderness habit of sleeping with her Tosh'kar, in her hands, crossed at her chest, in semblance of an interred corpse.
Ready to spring into action if need be…
This brush with death has left her shaken…
She was so near dying gloriously in battle…
But SHE denied her this death.
"What plan does my holy queen have in mind for me? Why did I not die? Why as the world grew dark, did I not feel her cold fire envelope me?"
This is what ran through her mind after tending to her fallen comrades and sitting in the darkend doorway with her Tosh-Kar in hand…she prayed that night before drifting into sleep, to her dark Lady. "show me thy will, it shall be done."

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