The home world of the Rhennee, the birth place of the wandering gypsies that now seem to have found a place in Oerth. However the tale of the Rhennee is a much older one than what starts on Oerth and that is what I have come to speak of on this day. Rhop was a land much like any other, with different species getting together to do things around the world and trade amongst each other. The Rhennee where a race of pirates and nomads, they inhabited a chain of islands off in the ocean which most of the races couldn't even find due to their small naval accomplishments.

The world actually only had one major continent and much of the ocean was actually controled by the Rhennee due to their heavy reliance on naval supremicy. Their ships were beyond anything that the other countries could come up with due to having different types of building material that only grew on the islands off the main land and hundreds and thousands of years of technilogical advances.

The other contries usually didn't make good ships due to not having the technology or even the need to for trade of any kind, but their waterlocked cities were definately something that the Rhennee wished they could replicate, but some of the requierments of these floating cities were magical and with little magical knowlage themselves the Rhennee could only become green with envy.

The Rhennee were quite content with themselves so they were not really worried about their existance out in the islands. However when they started noticing that islands were starting to sink is when they really got scared, their way of life was coming to an end with amazing speed. They had screwed with the main landers for so long that none of them would even think of taking refugees from the islands and without the technologies to have the floating cities they had to find another way to live.

Multiple clans came together for the first time ever to go over what was happening to their race as a whole to figure a way out of this devistating earthly development. Some of the strongest 'wise women' got together and started working major rituals to transport their people to another plane of existance, but at the same time this was happening a new water race came up from the depths claiming responcibility for the sinking of the islands. They started war with the Rhennee trying to take what supplies that they could being as good of pirates as the Rhennee and yet they could breath water so had the clear advantage.

The Rhennee were fleeing from this new foe which seemed to be popping up every where they ran to. Finally most of the Rhennee were off of the planet and only bits and pieces of the fleets of ships were left making the best of the world that was left to them. There are still a few portals being made here and there for new ships to be sent, but they are few and far between due to the little amount of spell power left on the Rhennee home world that the Rhennee themselves control.

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