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A Brief History:
Ages and ages ago, the area north of the Opferbergs was the home to the Suhal, a particularly depraved bunch of Humans who made pacts with otherworldly evils. These pacts eventually led to a division in races, with the Pure-strain Humans calling themselves "Suel", and the Suhal, whom the Dwarves and Elves of old termed "Tieflings". South of the Opferbergs lived the Dragonborn, who had built their empire with the help of the newly freed Dwarves and the Elves who populated the area prior to the reptilians. The Suhal became set on conquest and a terrible war raged, leaving the Dragonborn scattered into small tribes and the Suhal decimated. The Suel took the opportunity to attack both groups and take the entire region as the Suel Empire. The empirial spirit of the Suel did not stop with their own region, and soon war parties were traveling north of the Sulhaut Mountains where the Backlunish peoples lived. We all know how THAT turned out! Since the Rain of Colorless Fire, the region has finally regrown into an inhabitable place. The Dwarves are begining to come out of their cavernous cities below the Opferbergs, the Dragonborn are begining to regroup, the Eladrin have returned to help the Elves regrow the woodlands, and the other "goodly" races (Tieflings included) are trickling in to set up towns and explore this region.
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