SoD Calendar


The year is divided into twelve months of 28 days each. In each month there are four weeks of seven days. Four times a year, there is a festival lasting seven days that occurs when the smaller moon (Celene) grows full.

Days of the Week

Day Starday Sunday Moonday Godsday Waterday Earthday Freeday
Task Work Work Work Worship Work Work Rest

Months of the Year (Including Festivals)

Month (Common Tounge) Season
Needfest Midwinter Festival
Fireseek Winter
Readying Spring
Coldeven Spring
Growfest Planting Festival
Planting Low Summer
Flocktime Low Summer
Wealsun Low Summer
Richfest Midsummer Festival
Reaping High Summer
Goodmonth High Summer
Harvester High Summer
Brewfest Harvest Festival
Patchwall Autumn
Ready'reat Autumn
Sunsebb Winter
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