Sea of Dust Races

The Dragonborn

The Dragonborn were a noble race, and had long lived in the region they called Zind. They traded with both the Elves and Eladrin and with the Dwarves as well. Their kingdom came to an end when the Suhal decimated their armies and scattered their people. Now, they gather in small clans scattered throughout the Sea of Dust.

The Dwarves

The Dwarves have lived in the Opferbergs for thousands of years. They were initally brought to the region by the giants to whom they were slaves. An uprising brought an end to the giants' lording over the Dwarves, and the larger race moved eastward into the Hellfurnaces and the Crystalmists. When the Rain of Colorless Fire came, the Dwarves sealed themselves in their cities beneath the hills and waited it out. Recently, the Dwarves have been exploring the areas near their homes and finding the region reborn. The forges have been fired up and mining is in full swing.

The Elves and Eladrin

Most of the area north of the Opferbergs was forested, and made a great home for the Elves and Eladrin. The Eladrin moved east into the Flanaess when the Tiefling/Dragonborn war began, and most of the Elves retreated deep into the woods. When the Rain of Colorless Fire came, everything was destroyed, the forests, the Elves, everything. Since the rebirth of the region, the Elves and Eladrin have returned, enjoying a place not so overrun with Humans and their hurried lifestyles.
(For more on the Elvish races, check out this great article by WotC. )

The Halflings

These opportunists are doing pretty well for themselves. They were among the first to start exploring the region, by way of the rivers, and have begun establishing trade routes between the Elves, Dwarves, and small Human colonies that have sprung up. It is rumored that the Halflings have a city of their own in the Zindian Desert, but few are hearty enough to try to discover if this is true. The Halflings are a source of wondrous tales and news from the darkness that lies just outside each Point of Light, and their arrival in a town is usually cause for celebration. (For more on the Halflings, check out this great article by WotC.)

The Humans

Humans, the hearty race that they are, have somewhat recently shrugged off the rumor fueled fear that used to permeate tales of the Sea of Dust. From all over Oerik they've come, Nippon, Flanaess, Hepmonaland, Arypt, and Tharquish all are represented in the Humans of the Sea of Dust. Though currently few in number in the region, the Humans seemed destined to eventually take the Sea as they have taken all other corners of the world.

The Suhal (Tieflings)

The Suhal's pacts with outsiders eventually split them into two separate races, the Pure-strain Humans (who began calling themselves the Suel), and the Suhal (whom the Elves and Dwarves termed Tieflings). It is rumored that this division is the reasoning behind the Suel people's racial "purity" issues. The Suhal, believing that they were now perfected as a race, sought to cleanse the region, begining with their age old enemies, the Dragonborn.

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