Splug was once a fairly influencial goblin among his clan. He aspired to one day reach the top, to be a chieftain, and though he was quite accomplished with a crossbow, his lack of physical strength, as well as a healthy love for ale, made him unable to compete for a position of any real power. Disgruntled, Splug took to gambling and drinking to bury his woes. It was after a particularly fruitful night of such activities that Splug was jailed; he had won a bit too much of Brago's gold. Normally this would be a good thing, excpet that Brago was a hobgoblin who held much sway with Balgron the Fat (Chief of the goblin clan). Brago lied to Balgron, telling him that Splug was looking to manipulate other goblins into a mutiny because he was tired of a once proud clan following Kalarel like lap dogs under Balgron's leadership. Balgron was displeased (of course), and allowed Brago to have his way with Splug. Brago's true intent, however, was to torture Splug into revealing the location of his winnings. Before Brago could get to Splug, though, a band of adventurers busted into the torture room and Splug was able to negotiate for his freedom.


Splug is content with being free for now. he has a job helping the adventurers carry equipment, and in return, he has learned a bit of Wizardry from the party's Spellcaster.

Stat Block

Splug: Level 3 Goblin; STR: 14, CON: 13, DEX: 18, INT: 13, WIS: 12, CHA: 8; Speed: 6, Initiative: +6; Defenses: AC: 17, Fort: 13, Ref: 15, Will: 14; Max HP: 40; Race Features: Goblin Tactics; Class Features: Combat Advantage, Sniper, Wizard Template; POWERS: At Will: Scorching Burst, Encounter: Burning Hands, Daily: Flaming Sphere, Utility: Expeditious Retreat

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