Tannis Elladyr


The Half-Elf grew up in Harkenwold, a conglomeration of small villages in a clearing near the Harken Forest. He lived with his father in a small village, and had only brief snippets of his mother's story explained to him as he grew up. When his powers manifested, he realized he could be a danger to those around him and left the village to live in the forest. The forest was populated with Goblins and Tannis found his abilities useful in keeping them at bay. Soon, among the goblin tribes there were whispers of a haunted place where the ghosts of the woods would kill any goblin who dared enter. These rumors eventually reached the ears of a colony of Elves whose efforts had kept the goblins clear of Harkenwold for many years. Tannis met his mother when some of the Elves came to call, but he feared his uncontrolled powers could cause more harm than good in the battles with the goblins. In order to hone his skills and become able to defend his homeland, Tannis began adventuring.


Tannis Traits:

Due to chaotic nature of his gifts, Tannis is never sure what may happen to or around him next. This gives him an exploratory attitude toward most things, which can get him into trouble that he willingly accepts.
Once he sets to mind to something, he's very hard to sway from his course. He understands that only genuine focus can help him control his talents, and this focus shows in most things he does.
Not sure whether he will explode at any given moment from an overload of the powers that flow through him, Tannis has accepted whatever fate may hand him. Though he is sometimes considered foolhardy, he knows the world is a dangerous place and explores it as a way of life.
Because his mind often works as randomly as his magic, Tannis takes most things that happen around him at face value. He is prone to following the wrong course of action if led to believe it's right thing to do.
Tannis Goal:
Tannis feels that once he can gain some control of his gifts, he will be able to return home and help end the goblin threat in the Harken Forest. He feels that his uncontrolled power is a liability to the elves currently battling the goblins, and travels with a group to have the back up he needs to develop his powers while risking the lives of only a small group rather than an army.

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Tannis' Travels:

I'm in a strange place, having travelled far from the Nentir Vale. The area is nice, but I sense trouble afoot. I met up with a band of adventurers who are capable and friendly. I travelled with them to Willowglen, a small village on the edge of a lake where it seems the locals fish for carnivorous eels. Though dangerous, I understand the creatures are quite tasty.

Not all is well in Willowglen, though; the people have left and the village is flooded. To make matters worse, there are a number of poisonous snakes and large feral rats scuttling about.

Afetr a bit of exploration, we discovered that the rats were indicative of wererats having taken the village. Not willing to let this stand, we took on the lycanthropic leaders of the village. Though we were able to kill many of them, the leader of the group ran off into the swamp. We gave chase, but were unable to catch him before
he escaped.

From Willowglen, we headed back to Englehoven, a proper city nearly a day's travel to the north. Here, we were able to rest and explore a bit. There is an ancient Arcanists Guild Hall in the city that dominates two hilltops, the halves of the Hall connected with a bridge over the river. Though forboding now, it has potential, and being an Arcanist of sorts myself, it was too interesting to let pass without exploring.

We were accosted at the green house by a number of vermin, including beetles, scorpions, and eventually kruthiks. Having stepped up to defeat this challnge, we headed toward the Hall proper. At the front door, a ghostly figure questioned us about our intentions in the Hall. It was tough to convince him we were capable of handling what we may find within, but we were able to obtain the key and let ourselves in.

Once inside, we took a long look at the entry chamber. A tall room it is, with balconies and large statues of mystical beasts. I edged my way a bit too far into the chamber, and was quickly warned of danger from both sides. Before I could react, a walking crossbow of sorts fired at me, cutting a vicious wound. Then the demons attacked! Lesser demons called Dretch lumbered their way into the fray soon followed by a couple of skeletal knights. The battle was furious, nearly killing me twice! My companions were quick to react to both the monsters and the fact that we were taking some serious damage, and we were able to make it through. After the last of the creatures on the ground floor were dealt with, Terrisa and Rockhead rushed the stairs to try to get to the Arbalester. I leapt from the ground floor and pulled myself over the balcony railing, but was unable to get the creature in range of my spells. With my companions between the machination and the stairs, and myself at the other end of the balcony, we were able to make quick work of the thing.

During the battle, I used the new dagger we found in Willowglen as an implement to direct my spells. It has an uncanny ability to give my magics some direction. I found I was more able to feel the flow of the chaotic energies I was born with and, possibly because of those very gifts, have been able to figure out how to direct the flow myself. I've also been paying attention to my compainions' talents, and have discovered how they are able to attract the creatures we battle to themselves. Not wanting to get them quite that close to me, I've decided to trick our opponents into thinking one of my friends who is more capable with physical weapons has attracted their attention.
(Level up: Took Focused Chaos utility & retrained Dilletant power Misdirected Mark)

We exited the entry chamber and found ourselves in a long hallway where we were greeted by a caged Imp. Not really expecting to find such a thing here, we talked to it for a bit to find out what may have gotten it caged and what it may know about the place. Drex decided to bring it along, carrying the cage like some sort of devilish lantern.

A few paces down the hall, we spotted a mass of crystals nearly the size of a man. It pulsed and flashed and soon there were tiny whirlwinds and a large mud beast approaching us, keeping us from reaching the pile of crystals. My friends converged on the approaching elementals, while I fired a cold blast at the crystal blob that appeared to summon these other beasts. The crystaline creature responded with a bolt of lightning that arced into the ground and knocked me out. Fortunately, the inspiring voice of our Bard pulled me out of unconciousness and I was able to blast the crystal terror again.

After the fight, we returned to the inn to get some much needed rest. I should reflect on my urgency to get into a fray, and how truly danegerous that can be.

In the morning, we returned to the old guild hall. Following the path we cut in the place the day prior, we ventured through a set of double doors that the imp told us led to the headmaster's quarters back in the days of the guild. There was a strangeness to the place that we all could feel. It was as though magic was thick in the air, but being pulled toward some unknown gravity in the large chamber ahead of us. We explored a few side rooms where we discovered the remains of more than a few people, some wizards and some warriors. It looked as though in the ancient times some masked warriors stormed the hall and killed many wizards as they slept. We found no clues as to why…

After going through desks and drawers, we picked up a few items of value and Terrisa, the paladin, discovered a secret door in what appeared to be an office of sorts. The door led through a path in the stone walls and ended in a room where it seems the wizards were able to make a stand and destroy what was left of their destroyers. One skeletal figure one the floor clutched an orb and many others had been wearing armor. What power this orb wielding man must have known to lay low so many enemies! Still, magical energies hung close in the air…

When we finally entered the large central chamber, we noticed a recess in the floor that contained remnants of rain storms that over time had broken the windows high up near the ceiling, or so we thought. The waters moved and began to coalesce into a large translucent cube! We tried to keep our distance and blast the creature with magical attacks (well, at least I did!) but then it appeared that the magical energies that trailed the spell I cast were gathered into wispy plumes that filled the bodies on the floor in this room and a much more serious fight had begun. Not letting myself get too caught up in the thrill of battle, I managed to keep my head about me and fire a few bolts of ice and quite a few of the bursts of randomness that seem to regularly eject themselves from my dagger when I try to focus my powers. The chaotic blasts reacted as they always do, some fizzled as they left the dagger's tip, while others would bounce from opponent to opponent wreaking havoc upon many, and still others would simply hit what I aimed at and no more. When I better learn to control these gifts, I may one day be able to make a stand against many powerful foes, just as this long dead skeleton in the other room seems to have done.

Rotham (a Goliath Warden who joined us in Willowglen), Drex (a Tiefling Warlock who was in the group when I met them), and Karlott (an Eladrin Wizard with much more magical discipline than myself) covered the passage we entered through, while Terrisa (the Human Paladin) and Varis (another Half-Elven one, but unlike me, this one is a Bard) watched the door to the side chamber where the main battle had taken place two centuries ago. For the most part, I stood in a position between the two groups, firing blasts into whichever enemy (or enemIES, as the case may sometimes prove to be!) most needed it at the time. The dead were rising from every chamber where bodies had lain, and like the soldiers they once were, they used organized methods of trying to outflank and outnumber us, but we held fast at both doorways, our courage as strong as our spells! During the battle, the imp that Drex picked up the day prior turned on us and we attacked it as there came opportunities in the larger and more pressing fight at hand. The nasty creature escaped us, but the skeletons and large ooze did not. With none among the party falling in the battle, and having used fewer resources than we expected, we were victorious.

We continued our exploration of the rooms surrounding the large central chamber and discovered a ghost asleep in an old bed. Not thinking that ghosts really needed their rest, we awoke what appeared to be an elderly translucent man. He was a bit grumpy upon first awakening, but after a bit of talking we found that this was once the headmaster of the guild. He asked us if we closed the portal to The Other World in the northern wing of the Hall, but since we had not yet seen such a thing, we had to admit that we hadn't. He charged us with completing the task he was unable to finish in his life, that of closing the portal in the north wing. Though I'm not sure what may lie ahead, I am confident that we are up to the challenge. Who knows? Maybe along the way, I'll find some way to control the powers I was born with.

Having gained some information from the ancient ghostly wizard, we continued toward a door on the north side of the building. There, we were attacked again by the wicked little imp. We beat it to the point of subdual, after which Drex claimed it as friend. I'm not what to think of having the nasty devil in the group with us, but as long as Drex can keep it under control, there should be little issue.

We left the main building and crossed an overgrown path which lead to a large dome on the north side of the Hall. We approached cautiously, and were forced to bash open the door (thankfully, there is a large Goliath at the front of the group to do just that!). We discovered that the dome was not actually a dome, but rather a hollowed out ball with a series of paths and balconies inside that would prove to make getting around quite complicated. A walkway above us, but centered in the ball, was home to an odd clockwork device that we would have to investigate. Before we made our way to the device, however, we spotted movement on the floor below. A large crack in the floor let in a glowing blue and purple light wherein we spotted some standing stones and some creatures that could have only come from some crazed nightmare. The creatures were twisted balls of tentacles and tendrils, writhing out of and back into themselves. We thought it best to attack first, and I intended to lead the charge. As it turned out, my first spell went horribly wrong, flinging energy outward in a wave of force that pushed everyone away from me, and even sent Drex painfully to the bottom of the ball. The creatures, now alerted to our presence, moved in where they waved their long reaching tendrils out toward us almost effortlessly. What these creatures may be made of cannot be of this world! Their very touch brought nightmares out of hiding in our minds, wracking our minds and bodies with something akin to insanity. This was going to be a hard fight. We managed to keep most of the creatures from reaching Drex, and discovered some very unusal tricks up the sleeves of our foes; one would teleport us around if it hit one of us, others would freeze our feet to the floor with fear, and still others would sap our strength so that it was hard to do more than choose between attacking and finding a better position from which to meet their challenge. With so many enemies, it was easy to find a target, but with the onslaught of their alien attacks, it took a while to begin to make any headway. We finally turned the tide of the battle in our favor, and then found our victory. Only Karlott went down, and then not for long.

After catching our breath and regaining our wits, we set ourselves to figuring out what this chamber was about and what could be done with it. It was the portal the Headmaster had mentioned, but it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how it would work. There are three large stones jutting up from the floor, one gray, one black, and the other white. There are also four corner stones, one at each cardinal direction. The center (gray) stone had a staff impaling it. Trying to use the staff to turn the stone (to see if it was a wheel that would close the portal), I was given horrific visions of another realm that was both terrifying and inticing all at once. The vision knocked me from my feet, but my friends were close and helped me up. Others tried to use the staff to envision other places, and the portal responded by showing them places that we most likely did not wish to visit just yet. While Rotham attempted to pull the staff from the stone, we noted that the energy charges that released each time the staff was pulled or turned were deflected by Terrisa who was standing within the circle of stones. Rotham wasn't injured! We each took a place in front of a stone while Rotham gave a mighty heave and the staff came free! The portal responded by vomiting up a strange creature with a head like an octopus. The creature was grotesque and, though injured, exuded an energy that should have warned us away. The creature unleashed a wave of force that befuddled our heads, though, and we left caution to the four winds and attacked. The beast was hard to hit, and hard to injure when we could hit it! Karlott was able to use the clockwork mechanism after studying the staff for a few moments, though, and blasted the creature with a bright ray of light. The beast made for the door and escaped before we could destroy it. It looks like the portal is closed, but we may have unleashed something horrible into the world…

After our battle in the dome chamber, we returned to the guardian at the front door of the Hall to inform it of our progress. It was surprised that we were still alive, but was comforted by the fact that we were able to make progress. It reminded us that there are still unresolved issues in the Guild Hall, and dismissed itself.
Upon re-entering the Hall to talk to the Headmaster, we found a female ghost in the entry chamber who appeared to be trying to hold a door shut. At first, it was surprised that we were not as frantic as it was, but when it realized that two centuries had passed, and that it was now a ghost, it warned us about the creature on the other side of the door - an angelic guardian of the masked assassins who had raided the Hall all those years ago. The creature is very likely still there…
When we were able to speak with the Headmaster and share the events since last we had met him, he informed us of what Illithids are, and how terrible it can be that one got away from us and was let loose into the world. After other encouraging chatter, the ghost sent his spirit into the orb that Karlott had picked up out of the skeleton's hand earlier in the day. Now, the orb pulses with magical power!
Irwain Spellmire, the custodian of sorts who tried to ward us away from the Hall, met us in the entry chamber when we began to leave the Hall to get some rest. He took possession of the staff that was used to break the portal in the dome room. It seems that he, too, was shocked by our success. I guess many people (and other things) have underestimated our ablity to survive dangerous situations.
Our night was spent in the inn resting on soft mats and not getting attacked by fell beasts. Ready for another day, we began to explore the town of Englehoven to find places to sell the items we had aquired and pick up on some local information. We visited the home of a Lord in the Nobles Ward when we felt a pull of magical energies. The Lady of the house, Rosemary Frye, is with child, but there seems to be something out of sorts about her condition. We also were able to meet Etienne Karron, the head of the Merchant Guild in the town. We traded some goods with him and he, wanting first look at anything we can uncover in our travels, had a fine wagon commissioned for our future use. A brief talk with Harrel Maskiv, the Captain of the Guard, gave us information that scouting parties have noticed the Goblins to the north seem to have converted to a new faith, that of Lolth, and with this conversion came the use of spiders on their raids. The Goblins are taking people and foodstuffs, but leaving everything else to rot on the wagons they raided. I guess the Goblins are preparing for a future feast - or maybe something that the Goblins revere…
Not wanting to let the raids get any worse just now, as well as to see if Varis' father can be rescued from the Goblins who took him away, we ventured north from Englehoven. A few miles from town, we discovered an encampment high in the branches of a rather large tree. A quick climb, and I was able to spot Goblins in the roost. We tried sneaking up close to the tree which held the hut, but were discovered and a huge spider came leaping from the hut to cause havoc among us. Meanwhile, Goblins rained down metal bits of many sorts (particularly the Sharp And Pointy Sort!) and a Goblin shaman began casting into our formation. Rotham and Terrisa did what they could to keep the spider busy, while the rest of us returned fire to the hut with our magical blasts. Once the spider was killed, Rotham began climbing up a nearby tree while we tried to keep the shaman too busy defending himself to bother with the Goliath. The plan worked and Rotham was able to reach the hut with only two Goblins remaining (the two toughest, unfortunately). Terrisa began her climb and Rotham kept the Goblins close enough to the rail to allow us to continue the magical onslaught. It wasn't long before the final Goblins tumbled dead to the ground.

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