The Gods

Dwarven Gods

Dwarven Gods
Name Aligment Domains
Abbathor NE Evil, Luck, Trickery
Berronar LG Good, Healing, Law, Protection
Clangeddin LG God, Law, Strength, War
Diirinka ?E Derro
Dugmaren Brightmantle CG Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic
Dumathoin N Earth, Knowledge, Protection
Fortubo LG Earth, Good, Law, Protection
Laduguer ?E Duergar
Moradin LG Earth, Fire, Good, Law, Protectin, Strength, War
Muammam NG Good, Protection, Travel
Vergadain N Knowledge, Luck, Trickery

Human Gods

Name Aligment Domains
Name Aligment Domains
Name Aligment Domains
Heironeous LG Good, Law, War
Name Aligment Domains
Phyton CG Chaos, Good, Plant, Sun, Water
Name Aligment Domains
Ehlonna NG Animal, Good, Plant, Sun
Iuz CE Chaos, Evil, Trickery
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