City Name:
Saruun Khel
Current Apparent Leader:
Wizards of Saruun
Primary Alignment:
Military Name:
Ordinators Arcanum

Organizations/Guilds of Note:

This group is comprised mostly of Hobgoblins who capture anyone weak enough to get caught and sell them into slavery.
Wizards of Saruun:
Not exactly a guild, this order of enigmatic wizards are the sole law in the Hall.

Permanent Population:
Transient Population:
Mixed (Hobgoblins, Duergar, Halflings, Humans, Minotaurs, and others)

Points of Interest:

Halfmoon Inn

NPC's Of Note

Thunderspire Non-Player Characters
Name Location Other Details
Rendil Halfmoon Halfmoon Inn Curious little fetcher who knows the region fairly well.
Erra Halfmoon Halfmoon Inn This enterprising Halfling lady and her family set up an Inn and make a good living offerring quarters to those who dare visit.
Gendar Saruun Khel and environs Shrewd merchant whose outrageous prices should make trade nearly impossible, but he's always willing to "bargain".
Orontor Seven Pillared Hall Wizard of Saruun who seems sympathetic to adventurers.

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