City Name:
Current Apparent Leader:
Lord Padraig
Primary Alignment:
Military Name:
Winterhaven Guard

Organizations/Guilds of Note:

Permanent Population:
Transient Population:
Mixed (75% Human, 15% Eladrin, Elf or Half-Elf, 5% Dwarf, 5% Other)

Points of Interest:

Wrafton's Inn
Market square:
Every weekend, this area fills with vendors and merchants selling their wares.

NPC's Of Note

Winterhaven Non-Player Characters
Name Location Other Details
Lord Padraig Winterhaven Manor Second generation Mayor of Winterhaven, Padraig is concerned for his small village's welfare in these times of darkness. Though very well intentioned, he often finds himself lacking the resources to combat the growing threats outside his walls.
Salvana Wrafton Wrafton's Inn in Winterhaven Owner of the Inn, good source of information on who to talk with about what.
Eilian the Old Winterhaven The old farmer frequents the Inn in the evenings, and enjoys talking about Winterhaven's history.
Valthrun the Prescient Winterhaven Sage and scholar, Valthrun has much in the way of information, but is picky about who gets it. Character is worth more than gold when Valthrun decides the worth of a person.
Delphina (Flower Girl) Market Square in Winterhaven Though appearing to be young and naive, this young Elf seems well travelled and a bit braver than your average floral peddler.
Aramis Somwhere near Winterhaven Former party member and always mischief maker, Aramis' fondness of his one true love ("The Ladies") has (and will continue to) gotten him into trouble more times than he can count.
Splug Near Winterhaven A goblin found in the torture chamber beneath the Shadowfell Keep, Splug became the party's pack mule in exchange for being taught some minor magics.
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